"Lori Bodine Benold has been an amazing teacher and mentor. She has always been so thoughtful and generous in the amount of work she has to put into providing endless opportunities for me to grow as a dancer. She is unique in that she recognizes that every dancer has different needs and different goals, and she creates an environment where each dancer can thrive and reach their maximum potential. When I decided to pursue a BFA in dance in college, Mrs. Benold encouraged me and helped me prepare for the audition process.  She supported me through all the ups and downs of auditions and made my success a top priority. I was accepted into the BFA program at the University of Texas at Austin, and I am so grateful to Mrs. Benold for her training and support."

Lily Collins

"Ballet Arts of Austin is an exceptional studio with instructors who care about their students and pass on their love of ballet to all of their dancers. Both of my daughters train at BAA and I couldn't be more pleased with their progress. My younger daughter studies with Ms. Tiffany, who is the perfect teacher for the younger dancers. Ms. Tiffany emphasizes ballet posture, muscular development, and balance, while also introducing more advanced ballet positions in a way that is developmentally appropriate for each dancer.  My older daughter has trained with Lori Benold since the studio opened. Ms. Benold's positive and nurturing style of teaching the technical aspects of advanced ballet and her attention to the smallest details of artistic expression inspire all of the dancers to strive for excellence in their dancing. At BAA, my daughters have learned so much about ballet, choreography and performing and have grown as dancers more than I could have imagined." 


Elizabeth Bomba

“Ballet Arts of Austin is a place where my young dancer has flourished!  In just the first year she has learned excellent technique, sharpened her grit through daily disciplines, expanded her beauty in glorious performances, and learned the most important lessons of having a gracious spirit from Mrs. Lori Benold. We couldn't be more pleased with the potential for growth as a whole person at this school.” 


Barbara Weir

“Ms. Tiffany knows exactly how to work with children of all types. She always keeps her composure and authentically enjoys working with the kids. I remember when we took our then 3 year old to her first class. I was certain that she would not just go into a class without her parents. Ms. Tiffany gracefully made a motion for all of the kids to go back to class and all of the little girls just followed along. Her presence just gives them all the confidence to try things they might be afraid to do. The class is structured, but still nurturing. The kids start learning right away and their confidence builds. Now that she is 7, we can see how even that very first class taught her real ballet skills. Her confidence is building and she enjoys every class. We owe that all to Ms. Tiffany!” 


Sarah Alwais

“Our daughter, Meghan, has been dancing for years. We had hit the end of the road at our old studio, as sometimes happens. We were looking for a studio focused on ballet technique. A studio where she would always feel welcome and have room to grow with structure and encouragement. What we found at Ballet Arts of Austin is that and so much more. We found an amazing teacher who demonstrates patience, persistence and grace while teaching each dancer excellent technique. We found a group of young ladies who support each other and encourage each other as they all grow, learn, and improve. I love hearing Mrs. Benold greet a tardy dancer with “Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! Get warmed up and join in.” The community we are building around our dancers is warm, and supportive. This community begins with the interactions between the staff and the dancers and families. Mrs. Benold, thank you for a great first year and the many more to come.” 


Patti Briggs

“Ballet Arts of Austin is AMAZING!! Ms. Tiffany is a lovely combination of warmth, patience, and expertise. My daughter has learned so much in a short amount of time and going to ballet class is the highlight of her week.” 


Kelly Peterson

“We discovered Ballet Arts of Austin about a year ago when my daughter was looking for a new studio. She had been studying ballet for many years but wanted to find a school that focused on Russian technique and training. After taking a placement class, she knew that Ballet Arts of Austin was a perfect fit. Mrs. Benold is kind and nurturing, but has a keen eye for detail and artistry. My daughter finds the classes both challenging and rewarding and she has grown so much in the past year. Mrs. Benold has taken great care to structure a curriculum that develops a sense of community among the students. There are many other wonderful aspects of this school including the incredible guest faculty, master class offerings, performance opportunities and reasonable tuition. I also appreciate attention given to safety and injury prevention by the faculty and in the properly-laid sprung floors in each studio.” 


Kelly Hamade 

“We have loved Ballet Arts of Austin ever since we first discovered them at their Open house last summer.

It has been a perfect fit for our two little ballerinas aged four and six.  We are very picky when it comes to who we entrust our girls to and felt very fortunate to have found Ms. Tiffany.  We have been coming to her classes every week all the way from Round Rock.  We love Ms. Tiffany´s hands on teaching style, she is very kind and patient and has a great ability to keep her little students´ attention.  Both our girls love her and look forward to her classes very much. At the same time, I see them learning more than just the basics of ballet: Ms. Tiffany is a great role model not only as a dancer but as a human being.  The highlight of the year was without a doubt the recital! Both Ms. Tiffany and Mrs. Benold put so much hard work into it and it was just a beautiful, heartwarming experience. We are very happy that our daughters could be a part of it.  We are looking forward to another year full of all the beautiful moments that Ballet Arts of Austin brings into our lives.” 


Helena and Thomas Barta

"Lori helped me discover more than just technique; she showed me the natural connection between dancer and music. She inspires dancing from the soul. It's more than just steps.

As a professional, it's easy to get caught up in the technical aspect of ballet instead of letting it be organic, and that's what I love about working with Lori."

Heidi Aaron Alford

Corpus Christi Ballet

"With years of experience dancing professionally, teaching and owning multiple studios, I highly recommend Lori Benold's studio for novice to advanced students. As a former dancer with Lori for multiple years, I felt more than prepared for auditioning, dancing, performing and teaching at the collegiate and post graduate level. She is a highly qualified teacher and leader for students of all ages. Not only does she provide ample growth for adolescent dancers, but prepares the mind and body for a professional career."

Lorraine Urbis

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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